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He turned back to Harry. "You'll soon find out some wizarding families are much better than others, Potter. You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there."

He held out his hand to shake Harry's, but Harry didn't take it.

"I think I can tell who the wrong sort are for myself, thanks," he said coolly.

Looking for the right sort? You've come to the right place!

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Apparate my way [Wednesday
July 1st, 2009 ]

Potter fans in Perth, Western Australia, who would love to meet other Potter fans in your locale, should join potterperth. We meet up and chat about potter every now and again. We're also planning a HUGE meet up for HBP so join us and tell your friends too!

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March 8th, 2006 ]

Hey my name is Kadie and I'm a huge Potter fan. Mostly I love to write and debate about it. I have two communities I run penelope100 and hpotter_elite both are pretty cool and I've enjoyed meeting the people there.

I ship many different people including Draco/Hermione, Penelope/Anyone, Luna/Harry, Luna/Ron and a bunch more. I don't write too much in my LJ except for fics and such but feel free to add me.

Harry Potter Fans! [Monday
January 2nd, 2006 ]

If your a Harry Potter fan, why not join

The Hideaway: V2 Elixir of Life

Its this really great forum where you can get sorted and chat with other members, play fun games, compete in contests to earn house points, have HP related conversations with other 'obsessed' fans.

Just click the link above to go to it, and please mention in question number 20 of your sorting quiz, that you were referred by Ally! Thanks! :D

Have fun! ♥


July 29th, 2005 ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm feeling the HP (and fandom) love today, so I decided today would be the day I got off my butt and posted over here.

Anyway, onwards to the sort of interesting but really just boring about me stuff. My name is Katy; I'd much prefer it to be something else, but ah well. I'm currently stuck in that soul-sucking expanse of time that is being 19- I'm still a teen, technically an adult, and it's all rather confusing. I like books and words and especially the way old books smell when you first open them. Sometimes I really love the view from my house; sometimes I cannot stand the mediocrity of it. I'm currently feeling The Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, Nine Inch Nails, and Ben Folds. My musical taste changes frequently. I dream of being in a really soul-searching indie flick one day. I like Tennessee in theory. I'm curently at a state school; hopefully I'll be going to St. John's College in fall 2006 (have I mentioned the love for books?). I have a cat named Obi Wan Kenobi, even though I really don't like Star Wars.

And, of course, Harry Potter pwns my soul.

So, hopefully, my inane bambling amused some of you.... Feel free to friend me, and check out _potterama, which I swear will one day soon contain my Harry Potter fanart. Hopefully. If college doesn't become a black hole and obliterate all my free time.


note from the co-mod. [Sunday
July 24th, 2005 ]

hey. remember me?

harry potter and the half-blood prince came out and i'm sure you have all read it. so what did you think?
and just so it's not completely off-topic..add me if you haven't already.


HAY GUYS [Tuesday
June 28th, 2005 ]

[ mood | restless ]

l e t s . b e . f r i e n d s

I've been decomposing for two decades, I love MS Paint, and I have a very lame sense of humor.
My name would be C. A pleasure to be meeting you. I've loved Harry Potter for ages now. I've been involved in RPGs, cosplayed, held parties, and danced around totally plastered singing "Dude Looks Like a Lady" into my cousin's Firebolt while pretending to be Snape. I've since learned to lay off the Ogdens. Perhaps.

I like slash, het, all sorts of things. Art is really my passion, though this journal takes itself towards the more humerous side of things. Most of my fandom junk is here at stupidfanart. Anything else, well, you can learn about the real C over at princessprince.

Friend me! Love me! Let me burn out your eyes!
Much Love. The wait for HBP is getting way too intense.

Hi, I'm Cyn and I'm an addict [Tuesday
June 28th, 2005 ]

It even says it on my INFO page. I'm a very nice person, when I want to be, but a nut most of the time. I met burningchaos in the 12 step program. I convinced her we needed to make a break for it because what is really wrong about living in our fantasy world?

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June 28th, 2005 ]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hello I am a H/D whore. I tried a twelve step program but sadly there were people there worse then me. We ended up writing fics and all got booted....No really My name is Laura. I am 32, newly married mother of two. I just moved to a small backwater town in T.N. It is nice here, all the bugs, bears and I ...no wait that was a story I just read...HUH.

Yeah the thing is I have been up for like twelve hours *laughs* so I am sure you are sick of my rambling. But who cares that is what cuts are for.
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Mod post. [Monday
June 27th, 2005 ]

If you've joined, remember to post your information.
I think I'm going to put each post in the memories so that you can look a person up if you so desire.

Sorry nothing happened over the weekend; I've been gone.

Edit: Memories are finished.

June 23rd, 2005 ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

that would be me i'm one of the mods which is another reason to add me as quickly as you can. of course i like harry potter that's a given. my favorite book is the prisoner of azkaban.


music: the bravery, bloc party, gravy train!!!, my harry potter and the chamber of secrets soundtrack, coldplay, the postal service, aquabats, the shins.

so who else thinks ron weasley is the hottest boy in harry potter?
yes. that was random.

so add it up!


June 23rd, 2005 ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

My Name is Manda..I'm from The middle of nowhere in Ky
I'm 19 I <3 harry potter (duh) I'm not a big fan of TV..Only
show I watch is Law & Order SVU..It would take me
all day to name the music i love..I love to draw I do alot
of fanart..and i love makeing stuff on PSP..I'm Big StarWars fan
User Info


June 23rd, 2005 ]
[ mood | awake ]

My name is Shelby. I'm 15 years old, and I'm about to be a Sopohmore. I live in this little town in Missouri. I adore Harry Potter (obviously), and I would take the books over the movies any day with Harry Potter. My favorite book out of them all is Goblet of Fire so far.

I love music, photography, photoshop, reading, movies, hanging out with friends, and a lot of other things. I have a lot more information and a picture on my user info page, and in the sidebars of my Journal

I enjoy long walks on the beach, romantic dinners...oh wait wrong place. I love making new friends, especially Harry Potter friends!


June 22nd, 2005 ]

The name is Cin City - as I like to go by. I also go by Cindy or, my real name, Nancy.

15 years of ages, but don't be fooled, mates.
Literate little bugger.
HP, of course. I adore the Marauders and Frank Longbottom, Luna's mothers and Edgar Bones. Er, at least, my interpretations of them. See, I role-play quite a lot.
I also like: LotRs (main fandom). Phantom of the Opera. And...yeah.
Music: Jack off Jill. ICP. The White Stripes. The Sex Pistols. Ect. Ect.

Picture is in the info.

June 22nd, 2005 ]
[ mood | dorky ]

Hey Awesome Harry Potter kids!

Name's Rochelle, i live in Winter Garden, FL (Suburb of Orlando)
I'm 18. Have been reading Harry Potter since...7th grade? Yeah. That makes it about 5 years.

I perfer the books to the movies. My Favorite movie is the 3rd one. I'm a movie buff, and Alfonso Cuaron was the director of the fabulous Little Princess which was one of my favorite movies growing up.

I like stuff. Like Movies. Like Friends. So, if you want to befriend me, or know anything of value, just comment here, and i'll add/comment back. :D


June 22nd, 2005 ]

I'm starting, I guess :)

Basics: Caitlyn, fifteen, junior. Bowls & plays clarinet.

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So add me. :)

PS: Oh no, it's a secret message...
Promote promote promote. ^^

Mod post. [Tuesday
June 21st, 2005 ]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello, and welcome to friendmepotter!

This community is for all the nuts like Caitlyn and Amy, who love HP and everything HP related and want more fandom friends.

Feel free to join and post about yourself! It is completely and totally open to the public.
It's just like any other adding community... but way cooler. Because it's Potter-friendly and has wicked mods :D

Feel free to add the mods, I suppose. I'll be doing my entry as soon as possible!

Also, if anyone could take friendmepotter into their hearts and find it a Harry Potter related layout, that would be lovely!

Thanks, and welcome once again!
- Caitlyn

PS: Oh, yes. And pimp this like mad, please? It would make me extremely happy ^^;

PSS: Also! (Gosh)! If you would like to affiliate, please leave a comment!


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