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Friend Me Potter!

For all your Potter fixes.

The HP Friending Community
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Friend Me Potter
friendmepotter is a Harry Potter based adding community.

WHY?! What is the purpose?!:
Caitlyn, on 06/21/05, had another one of her brilliant ideas that everyone is supposed to just ignore. She figured since at least half of her f-list loves Harry Potter, and she loves her f-list, it would be nice to create a friending community where you could find HP-Lovers who are just as obsessed as you are.
Fortunatly - or unfortunatly, take your pick! - Amy saw her idea and supported it. So this small idea that wasn't really meant for anything became an actual thought, and then a creation!

Caitlyn; caustique.
You may contact me at lilredhead62702@yahoo.com.

Amy; americanidiot26.

I am seriously hoping for friendmepotter to grow a large amount. If it does so, we're going to need guidelines.
Please follow these rules if you wish to take part in the communitity. It would make things so much easier.

1. Please do not pimp your communities. Promotions are not allowed unless permission is given by either mod, and that will not happen very often.
2. Yes, friendmepotter is a HP-based friending community, but that doesn't mean we don't want to hear about your other intrests! Post more about yourself than just the standard "I LOVE HARRY POTTER!" Also note that those four words are not even required :)
3. Please do not post about yourself more than once per week. Give everyone time to notice your post before going at it again!
4. Do try not to contact the mods at their personal journals unless it is absolutely necessary. I have given my email for that reason, you may contact me there.
5. Please post all pictures behind a cut! I know it doesn't bother my computer, but it bothers others. Consider that before posting.
6. If your entry is long, also consider posting all or part of it behind a cut. I won't require this, but it is common decency.
7. Please don't disrespect other members. We all have different backgrounds and interests; be tolerant.
8. Have fun!

Failure to follow rules can result in post and comment deletion. It can also result in banning. Don't test the mods ;)

Feel like promoting the community?
Here's a banner... or make your own!

If you do make your own, feel free to leave me a comment and I'll put it in the info.
Also, when promoting, please follow all promoting rules at the other communities or journals.

Layout credit goes to transmaniacon!

icon_whore_ - Wonderful graphics by sum41freak32!
hogwartsishome - Livejournal's best sorting community!
hp_graphics - For all HP-related graphics!

If you would like to affiliate with friendmepotter, please comment here.
Please don't comment at our personal journals!